Neutral Wood Makeup Organizer Vanity

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Measurements – 26″ X 6 1/2″ X 15 1/4″

Please Note: This is made from real wood so variations in tone and grain lines will appear. The paint color finish will not be completely solid. Depending on lighting, tone may slightly change.

Mounting Frame – Is super easy! This comes with a flat bar that screws onto the wall, and the back of the makeup organizer has slanted parts where it easily hooks on. (Screws and anchors are included with instructions) Anchors are recommended but not necessary. Please use a level for the flat bar.

This design goes perfect with the jewelry organizer and is made from the same wood and finish. Mix or match the colors of the organizers to design and create your own beautiful dream space where you can get ready stress free!

The design and concept is 100% original by Bleach LA Furnishings.

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It is the ultimate makeup vanity solution when space is limited! This modern design fits all your daily needs in one place right at your fingertips. No more drawers with cluttered makeup and/or makeup bags to dig through. I personally dislike anything that covers with dust within a week because of the time it takes to clean each item that sits on your countertop. With this wall mounted makeup organizer, you can keep all the items you want hidden, showcase all the pretty makeup that you love, and while cutting out the cleaning time all together!

This comes with a matching wood framed 18 1/2″ X 13 1/2″ mirror that is placed horizontally onto the top slot. For the ultimate vanity effect a bigger mirror is recommended. The mirror can be either placed onto the top slot, or mounted onto the wall on top of the organizer. Try a lighted mirror for a professional studio feel!

Any chair or stool can be used. Adjust and mount the organizer accordingly to the height of the chair or stool.

Details – The top of the organizer has a small dip where you can keep things from rolling off or hold items while in use. The left side door opens up to two storage boxes. Fill this with small samples, lip gloss, and q-tips etc.. The inside has 45 lipstick holders, where you can see each color on the ends. The acrylic lipstick holder is removable, in case you want to place bigger items inside instead such as skincare. The center of the organizer has an opening to place your beautiful perfume bottles, and/or just anything you would like to display. Underneath that is a drawer with an acrylic divider that can be removed and fit items such as compacts, eyelash curler, and anything you want to grab on hand. To the side is two removable acrylic dividers that have 3 slots for your makeup palettes. Remove one divider and place a taller item such as perfume bottles, or skincare bottles. The bottom of the organizer has two acrylic drawers with removable wooden display holders. The display holder is used to showcase eyeshadow colors and blushes etc.. but if you want to have more storage space, remove the wooden holder with the sticker that holds it in place, and you’ll have two bigger areas where you can store anything! The right side door opens up to two bigger storage boxes. The top one has small square acrylic dividers that holds brushes, eye liners, lip liners, mascara, and anything that is slim. This divider can also be removed. Inside the door are 3 rows of shelf space perfect to hold and display nail polishes, but can be used for anything. There are 3 removable acrylic slits to hold things in place, and is designed to take out if bigger items need extra space.

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 9 × 19 in

1 review for Neutral Wood Makeup Organizer Vanity

  1. Desiree D (verified owner)

    Okay so this thing is the REAL DEAL. I was super hesitant because of the price and I know I have a LOT of makeup so I didn’t think it would work out for me. But I wanted something for my everyday products and This. Is. It. First can we talk about the PACKAGING??? It arrived in PERFECT condition which was another one of my biggest concerns.. Not only that but it arrived in like 4 days! WHAT? All I can say is Thank you. This is what I’ve needed all my life and didn’t know it. The creativity and LOVE that went into this is so pure. The idea is ingenious. The chick that made it (Caroline) – a BOSS. Like, I even wanna purchase the skincare one too. That’s how impressed I am. Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU!

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